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姓名:尹美莱本名Natasha Shanta Reid,美韩混血出生年月:1981年5月31日身高:163cm体重:46kg血型:AB型

don't turn off the lights 不要关灯 i don't have to tell you 我不用全部告诉你, what this is all about 我心里在想什么. 'cause baby half the fun 因为这其中的乐趣就在于, is in us figuring it all out 我们彼此能心有灵犀. so why you gotta ask me 所以你

Turn The Lights OnNatalie Bassingthwaighte唱的This is it, this is itYou show me who your loyalty is sleeping with, didn't you?Let it die, this time I'm gonna let it dieI'm left here with the pieces of another try, nothing newAnd I have never felt as

Enrique IglesiasDon't Turn Off The Lighthttp://mp3.baidu.com/m?f=ms&tn=baidump3&ct=134217728&lf=&rn=&word=don+t+turn+off+the+light&lm=-1

你好,这首歌是lights out 望采纳

T-PainTurn All the Lights On(feat. Ne-Yo)作词:Lukasz Gottwald、T-Pain、Henry Walter、Shaffer Smith作曲:Lukasz Gottwald、T-Pain、Henry Walter、Shaffer SmithTurn all the lights on!Take off your shoes (shoes shoes)Ain't nobody gon' see



歌曲名:Turn The Lights On歌手:John Cale专辑:Turn The Lights OnI love the way you areCruisin around like a movie starYou play my favourite songI hear your voiceWhen you hum alongAnd I can feelThat my love for you is realThere's no

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