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harder的话就是更坚强啦~但是exercise好像没有这个作用吧...strong and hard适用范围不一样

A girl complained to her father about her hard life.She didn't know what she had to do and wanted to _1_.She felt tired for fighting and ...


a strong wind; a gale. 两种表达法

strong wind hard snow heavey rain


China's growth remains strong despite a moderate decline 〖并列句〗 and→〖用于连接两个并列句子〗 it is not heading for economic hard China's growth remains strong despite a moderate decline 〖China's growth〗主语 〖remains〗半...

选A 句子的意思是, 很多时候,我们需要的是自信和坚定的信念,而不是简简单单的努力工作。 ...rather than翻译成... 是……而不是……,正好符合句子的意思 而other than的意思是除了,除外, 如果这样翻译就是, 很多时候,我们需要的除了简单的努...

so hard 歌手:dixie chicks 专辑:taking the long way back when we started we didn't know how hard it was living on nothing but what the wind would bring to us now we've got something i can imagine fighting for so why is fightin...

歌名:Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger 演唱:Daft Punk 为防删帖,试听链接就不贴了,百度一搜就有。

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