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god is a girlGroove Coverage

魔力红乐队Maroon5 Animals中英文歌词 宝贝 我整夜都为捕获你徘徊 Baby i'm preying on you tonight.捕获你心 将你生吞活宰 Hunt you down eat you alive 如兽性大发 脱笼而出 野性澎湃 Just like animals,animals,like animals 别以为你能躲起来

Maroon5-This loveI was so high I did not recognize 我昏了头 没有发觉The fire burning in her eyes 她眼中的怒火The chaos that controlled my mind 我脑海一片混乱Whispered goodbye as she got on a plane 悄声说再见 她头也不回登上飞机Never to

芭比之十二芭蕾舞公主中好像没有girl like you,倒是芭比之真假公主中有一首歌叫I am a girl lik you 在这里面有,你听听是不是:http://barbiecollectors.thelittleusedstore.com/bsongs.html

Foreigner - waiting for a girl like you 专辑: So long, I've been looking too hard I've been waiting too long Sometimes I don't know what I will find I only know it's a matter of time When you love someone, when you love someone It feels so right, so

不知道是不是这首,但我觉得这个挺好听的.不是monster是animalsAnimals演唱:Maroon 5Baby I'm preying on you tonightHunt you down eat you aliveJust like animalsAnimalsLike animalsMaybe you think that you can hideI can smell your scent

hey,Baby Love I nebd girl like you 嘿 ,宝贝 姑娘 我很喜欢你

应该是艾薇儿的girl frend 部分歌词: Lil' mama and Avril Lavigne (4x) Hey Hey you you I don't like girlfriend No way no way I think you need new oneHey Hey you you I could be your girlfriendBe your girl Lil' mama be your girlfriendHey Hey you you I

Try - Colbie Caillat Try - Colbie Caillat Put your make up on Get your nails done Curl your hair Run the extra mile Keep it slim so they like you, do they like you?Get your sexy on Don't be shy, girl Take it off This is what you want, to belong, so they like

歌曲名:A Girl Like You 歌手:Cliff Richard & The Shadows 专辑:20 Original Greats Kevon Edmonds A Girl Like You ^_^ ~_~ O.O Every night before I sleep I thank the Lord for givin' me anther day So I can be with you Cause I ain't never

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