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Changes 歌手: Faul & Wad Ad/PNAU http://v.ku6.com/show/Yf17SdPJnNI4-c69bdHz1w...html

PNAU 的BABY Baby I don't know Just why I love you so Maybe it's just the way That God made me this day Eh oh eh oh eh X2 Honey I hear you And I feel for you It won't be too long till We're back as one again Eh oh eh oh eh X4 Ju...

歌曲: Baby 歌手: Warpaint 专辑: 《The Fool》 Baby--Warpaint Don't you call anybody else baby, 'Cause I'm your baby still You took a long time to make it But I've never changed my mind I've never tried to fake it Never drew the ...

歌曲:《iloveyoubaby》 演唱:Gloria Gaynor you'er just too good to be true can't take my eyes off you you'd be like heaven to touch i wanna hold you so much at long last love has arrived and i thank god i'm alive you're just to...

girls day的I don't mind?

穗啊,这个要问我嘛,应该是Backstreet Boys的Inconsolable吧。


BigBang 的《Baby Baby》歌词: I don't wanna be without you girl got me slowly dying where did we go wrong my girl why can't we keep on trying i don't wanna be without you girl i gave my heart to you going out my mind cause i lo...

Key west - Sorry sorry sorry http://www.baidu.com/s?ie=gb2312&bs=sorry+sotty+sorry+key+west&sr=&z=&cl=3&f=8&wd=sorry+sorry+sorry+key+west&ct=0

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