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Happy Mother's Day!母亲节快乐!母亲节英语祝福语:1、My soft greeting, bringing my best wish to you. It is like the warm sunshine, filling your eyes and your heart!轻轻一声问安,将我心中的祝福化作阳光般的温暖,永恒地留在您眼中、您心

英文原文:i wish mother is pleasant at mothers day Happy Mothers' day 英式音标:[a] [w] [m] [z] [plez()nt] [t; t] [m(r)] [de] [hp] [m(r)] [de] 美式音标:[a] [w] [m] [z] [plznt] [t; t] [mr] [de] [hp] [mr] [de]

Happy Mother's Day!母亲节快乐!I wish you a happy Mother's Day!我祝您母亲节快乐!

happy mother's day

祝妈妈母亲节快乐英文翻译_Happy mother's Day

appy mother's day! 母亲节快乐! happy mother's day,you are given so much,wish you healthy and happy for ever! 母亲节快乐!妈妈您辛苦了

Happy mother's Day 祝妈妈母亲节快乐.

Mom,happy mothers's day!

??Happy birthday to mather!I love you my mother!

Dear mother, happy Mother's day!

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