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“主动提出做某事” Offer to do sth." “主动提出做某事” Offer to do sth."

你好!offer to do sth主动提出做某事volunteer to do sth自愿去做某事我的回答你还满意吗~~

主动提出做某事. Offer to do sth..

want to dooffer to doplan to dohope to dofinally/at lastnext timedon't knowbe famous ofcommon lifebetween.artisttell a story about.principalbeginning of .magical gameback to Chinamusichappenmy teacher helps me with my Englishmy parents agreed taking me to the zoo last sunday

主动做某事 Take the initiative to do sth

分别是inject sb. be used to doing provide sb. with sth. offer to do sth do sth. on perpose

1.several times 2.want to do 3.be good at 4.get on well with sb 5.be friendly to sb 6.look after sb 7.how many people 8.do one's best to do 9.hope to do 10 give me

take one's initiative to do somethingdo something on one's ownbe willing to do somethingmake up one's mind to do somethingetc

1. Offer to do 2. The change of Chinese society. 3. Stop sb. to do STH. 4. A lot of 5. Required 6. 7. Field raised him

◆Take the initiative to put forward.Take the initiative 意思是:采取主动to put forward.提出

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