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Do you think they can win the football game? Of course,they are the best football team. 你认为他们会赢得这场足球比赛吗?当然,他们是最棒的足球队.

Of course I remember him. 我当然记得他.I will write to you of course, but not every week.我当然会写信给你, 但不是每星期都写.Can you swim? Of course I can 你会游泳吗? 当然会了.

1. of course you can do it2. of course this is correct.3. of course it will be successful4. of course it going to rain.5. of course you don't need to put the question here哈

Of course I remember him. 我当然记得他.

of course,you are right.

You must pass the examination to get credit for the course. 跟读 你必须通过考试才能获得那门课程的学分. In the course of the argument, the most enormous errors of fact simply pullulated. 跟读 在争论过程中,最厉害的事实谬误简直有增无减.

---Will you wash clothes yourself?(你要自己洗衣服吗?)---Of course not!(当然不!)

the best course of action is to make progress.动作的最好过程是取得进步.

of course是个短语,表示“当然”,可以放在句首、句中或句末.例:Well, she won, of course.噢,当然是她赢啦.例:You should of course keep copies of all your correspondence.你当然应该保留所有信函的复印件.例:Of course there will be some difficult times ahead.今后当然会有遇到困难的时候.


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