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希望以下诸多句子中,有十句能为你所用.1、It's good for you to learn English.学英语对你有好处2、It's very dangerous for children to cross the busy street. 对孩子们来说,穿过繁忙的街道很危险.3、It's difficult for us to finish the work. 对我们

1)Nowadays China plays a more and more important part in the word 现在中国在世界上担负着越来越重要的角色 2)You will be expected to work on Saturdays. 你们星期六要上班. 3)Can you recognize her from this picture?你能从这张照片中认出

i hope you give me that bag i hope to get high marks i wish to have a good holiday i wish you merry christmas i wish you finish this work

1.用一般过去时造句 i was born in 1971. 2.用过去进行时造句 i was in the bathroom when you telephoned me last night. 3.用过去进行时造句 4.用一般将来时造句 i will go to Huangshan this summer. 5.用现在完成时造句 i have learned 3000 words by the end of this year. 6.现在进行时 7.过去完成时

1 people often see films in the movie theater 人们经常在电影院看电影2 there are many people on the road 路上有很多人3 please wait at the door 请在门口等4student study at school 学生在校学习希望可以帮到你

1.用一般过去时造句 i did my homework yesterday afternoon. 2.用过去进行时造句 i was doing my homework at five o'clock yesterday afternoon 3.用过去进行时造句 和2一样啊,是不是你写错了呢? 4.用一般将来时造句 i will do my homework tomorrow 或者是 i am going to do my homework tomorrow. 5.用现在完成时造句 i have done my homework already.

1.don`t play jokes on me.2.nancy is a pretty girl with curly hair.3.i can`t carry this heavy box.4.i have a bit nervous.5.my hair is black.6.his apple is larger than mine.7.he says he will jion the communication.8.i got a pair of new shoes as birthday present

现在进行时:I am reading books.(我正在看书)-----表示我现在正在做什么,用的是现在进行时. 现在完成时:I have been to Beijing.(我去过北京)-----但是我现在不在北京,我在说这句话的时候,去北京这个动作已经完成了,所以是现在完成时.

we should have bought a new lock for the front door. 我们本该买把新锁安在前门上. you shouldn't drink and drive.你不应该喝酒后开车. i must go to the bank to get some money. 我得到银行去取些钱. you mustn't leave the gate open. 你不要敞著大门.

1:Thinks a amillion about you helping me to clean this room~ that is all right 2:Thanks for your work ,I can't finish this task without your help~It's my pleasure 3:How about your mother? Thanks for everything ,she is better now 4:You can do your best in

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