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I got up early this morning. After breakfast I went to the beach near my home with my friends. We went there by bike. As soon as we got there, we played with the sand and walked on the beach. We also went boating.It was really fantastic. In the

january 18 2005 i have rested for a week. i began to feel bored. so i went out with my friends. they are my best friends in the middle school. we didn't go to someplace special. we just saw the other. we had lunch together. while we were having lunch

我们还一边聊天一边吃着水果. Coming back home in the evening, it is very fine, tomorrow also will be the new semester 今天是假期的最后一天了,明天又是新的一个学期了,双腿都没有了.他用胳膊撑着地面艰难地潜行. His arms come the hard

篇1 Home to the floor dirty, my mother did not come home, I decided to sweep the floor. Say to work, I took a broom to clean, a dustbin full and take out the garbage. Although the waist is sour, people also tired, sweating sweat dripping, can see the

1.Today was a wonderful day for me because I received a really good grade on my math exam.It made me very happy.It was an unforgettable day for me.今天我非常高兴因为我的数学考试考得很好.这令我很高兴,这真是难忘的一 天. 2.Yesterday

第一天:THE NEWSPAPER 报 纸Nowadays the newspaper possesses considerable value Everybody should read it. It supplies us with a variety of news every day. It tells us the political situation of the world. If we form the habit of reading the

My dog will be dead. She is very old. We have kept her for ten years. Now her hairs are falling. And she always lies on the ground. She can't see very clearly. She eats a little. She becomes thin. She was very strong before. She is still guarding my

6月5日,星期天,阳光灿烂.你在一家商店买东西,进来一位加拿大女孩.她想买一条裤子,由于售货员不懂英语,她显得很着急.你帮了她的忙,她对你很感激.你对自己能跟外国人交谈感到很高兴.5th/June Sunny SundayToday I am very

July 6th Sunday sunny Today is a sunny day, my aunt and I plan to go home to visit aunt grandpa.Aunt grandfather came home, I was very excited, jumping up and down in the room. A sudden jump tired, sit on the sofa. After a while, I stood up, went

A TRIP TO the COUNTRY 乡村游记 One Sunday my mother (Mother) had (made) me take my little young brother to the a trip to the country. She bade me take good care of him. While we were walking along the road, the sun was shining brightly and

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