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1)引导原因状语从句的连词主要有because, as, since: because: because it was wet he took a taxi. 由于下雨他叫了一辆出租车. he was worried because he hadn't had any letter from her. 他很担忧因为他没收到过她一封信. as: as david

1.表示目的状语的从句可以由that, so that, in order that, lest, for fear that, in case等词引导,例如: you must speak louder so that /in order that you can be heard by all. he wrote the name down for fear that(lest) he should forget it. better take more


时间状语从句是比较常用的一种句型. 常用的从属连词有when, as ,while,before, after,since,till ,until,once,whenever,as soon as, directly, hardlywhen nosoonerthan等等.when引出的从句动词可是延续性动词也可是瞬间动词.主句动作 和从句动作

引导时间状语从句的五类引导词引导时间状语从句的从属连词(以下称引导词)很多,为方便记忆,现作以下分类:1.基本类 包括before,after,when,while,as,since,till,until,once,as soon as 等.如:Did anyone call when I

时间状语从句引导词有:当的时候:when;while;as 在..之前:before 在之后:after 一旦:once whenever(无论何时) since(自从) 直到:till;until 一就:as soon as;the moment;the minute;the second;the instant ;immediately;directly;instantly 每次的时候:every time;each time,;any time;最后一次的时候:the last time 第一次的时候:the first time

主要有when, while, as, the moment, before, after, till, until, since, as soon as 等.

if引导的时间状语从句的结构为:主句用一般将来时,从句用一般现在时,比如:if it doesn't rain tomorrow ,we'll go out for a picnic. 手工翻译,尊重劳动,欢迎提问,感谢采纳!

其实初中阶段的时间状语从句的引导词主要有9个:when(当.时候) while (当.时候) after (在.之后) before(在.之前) as soon as (一就) until (直到) as (一边一边) ill/until(直到才)

状语从句分类及常用连词: 时间状语从句when, whenever, while, as, before, after, since, till, once, as soon as,etc. 地点状语从句where,wherever 原因状语从句because, since, as, for, now that, etc. 目的状语从句in order that, so that, that, etc. 结果状

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