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Wishing you peace, joy and happiness through Christmas and the coming year.在圣诞和新年来临之际,祝福你平安、快乐、幸福!A Christmas greeting and good wishes to you who is thought about all the year through. Have a beautiful Christmas

1.As you celebrate Christmas, may you experience true love. Jesus is the reason for the season and he is the epitome of true love. Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.2.Merry Christmas.I hope that your Christmas would be enjoyable and may

happy Merry Christmas

wishing you a song in your heart at christmas and blessings all year long. 圣诞之际,祝你心中有首快乐的歌,新年快乐!merry christmas and happy new year!圣诞快乐,恭贺新禧!wishing you peace, joy and happiness through christmas and

Wishing you all the blessings of a beautiful Christmas season. 愿你拥有美丽的圣诞所有的祝福. To Mr. Claus from Mrs. Claus. 圣诞老奶奶祝福圣诞老爷爷. Don't stand under the mistletoe with anyone else but me. 除了我,不要和任何人站在槲

中英文甜蜜的圣诞节祝福语大全christmas greetings May the Christmas candle bring you peace and happiness. 愿圣诞之夜的烛光,带给你温馨和芬芳. Best wishes at Christma.I miss you. 圣诞的祝福,真诚的思念. Mountains and rivers

Much joy to you in the upcoming year. 愿您在新的一年里充满快乐. Chritsmas time is for thinking of others. 圣诞佳节是思念大家的时刻. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas. 祝福您及您的家人圣诞快乐. A merry Chistmas from all

Merry Christmas! 圣诞快乐! Merry Christmas and a happy newyear. 圣诞快乐;恭贺新禧. Best wishes on this holiday season. 致以圣诞节最诚挚的祝福. Wishing you and yours a merry Christmas this holiday season. 在此佳节,祝你全家圣

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Merry Christmas

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