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我刚刚写的..真的..1.Long Lost Penpal-hello saferide 轻松地慵懒的调调,旋律,真的是.太好听了.让人回忆自己的年少时的美好.词写得很与众不同,是两个笔友间的心灵谈话,从前的事不是欺骗,是一份孤单与爱..2.in love for a day 声音

您好:不清楚,但是好听的英文歌好多呢~~~本人学英语的推荐这些吧希望你能喜欢. 听歌学英语软件, 里边全是经典的英文歌曲, 列表中搜索歌曲就可以, 还有英文歌曲的伴奏和翻译, 若是有搜索不到的歌曲可以联系主播, 每首

remember the name

小小总结了一下,精心挑选;楼主不妨听听看,大部分应该会喜欢吧~!Gareth Gates:《Say It Isn'T So》《Tell Me One More Time》《With You All The Time》《What My Heart Wants To Say》《It Happens Every Time》《Anyone Of Us》Darren

9 crimes Over the Way 黄为建的歌 i love you Times of your life let s start from here 这三首是王若琳的歌 vienna teng - the tower 这首歌把这个女生的内涵都展现出来了 Our Love Will Always Last 好喜欢前奏和间奏 Rod Stewart 洛史特华 - Sailing 航

1 never had a dream come true2 Just Tonight The Pretty Reckless3 Every Moment Of My Life Sarah Connor4 I don't give Avril Lavigne5 Ready For Love Cascada 有点劲爆的英文歌曲6 Never Gonna Leave This Bed Maroon 57 Baby Lee Teenage

2AM - Intro - PhonePaul Hardcastle - One ChancePaul Hardcastle - Touch and GoPianoboy - The Truth That You Leave坂本隆一 - Energy Flow滨崎步 - SEASONS钢琴 - heaven on earth李闰珉 - River Flows in You李闰珉 - 靛蓝(之二) Indigo 2 (with

because of you , breathless , burning , time after time (这首是日语的),泪的物语(这首是英日的),nothing in the world , 这些都挺好听的,你去听听看

《I'll never stop loving you 》小甜甜 《It's true》《Dont wanna lost you now》《l promise you》 后街男孩《Hero》

free loop 曲:free loop 歌手:daniel powter 专辑:daniel powter 搜索"free loop"LRC歌词 搜索"free loop"mp3 下载"free loop"铃声 [ti:free loop] [ar:daniel powter ] [al:daniel powter ] 02. free loop i'm a little used to calling outside your

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