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A perfect day, you have to have enough time of sleeping, wake up when the sun raise, feel the world that's been acompanied by me for a whole night, try to smell the grass that is just cutted and the sweet smell of food from each breakfast shop.

With the people's awareness of environment protection is getting stronger and stronger and the rise of new energy car, Volvo, as the car maker with a long history, will have a very prosperous future if it can improve in both aspects as mentioned above.

Dear boss, my best friend (name) will leave Beijing by air tonight. I want to see him(her) off. But i'm afraid I'll be late if I go to the airport until I get off work. Could I leave 2 hours before I'm off duty? Thanks a lot!

他大部分时间都在云南念书,每年只有寒假和暑假可以回到上海.而且终于高中结束以后,考上了上海的大学,来和奶奶住在一起.翻译:A lot of time ,he has studied in Yunnan, but each single year,only in summer and winter vacation he would go back to Shanghai. In finally after graduate from senior high school , he attend to university of Shanghai and company to live with his grandmother.

It was a sunny day, a nice day for going out without rain or much humidity. A girl from San Francisco of USA, who had just graduated from the Stanford University with a master's degree, travelled to Shanghai alone. As agreed in advance, we met

I used to go to the subway station and disabled homes and homes for the elderly as a volunteer, as a volunteer in the subway station when main job is to maintain ride the subway during the peak period of the order, to remind passengers up and

I called the candidate just now, she said she might be on the phone on the morning the day we arranged phone interinview. She is not avalabile this afternoon because of some personal reasons. She wondered if the phone interview can be arranged in next week.

Sometimes you don't need to loudly shout out your dream, don't need to tell someone you are trying to do all the things, because the only so you can quietly rationally efforts.

It is time to go home, the last bus this time may have missed the bus and subway, may be hard towait for a taxi, but I'm patient calm slowly, slowly, regardless of the surrounding scenery, I feel like this: soft sunset shines on the face, warm and not

Company Background: A renowned U.S. Investment Company, presently planning to start its Asia Pacific Branch in China.Company Status: Company office is currently under renovation (to be completed in a month).Businesses Involved:

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