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How do you do! Thank your to reply in time, I tell you now, our banks receive an euro, but your price in the contract last euro be too cheap, according to the rate of exchange, we have already had no profits, because we the offer of USD 0.6/rice was

Hello, really very sorry, and we can not do imaging of 2062 as 2043, Hope you understand. Three kinds of products I recommend to you: 1, WB-2043 (Width 10mm, no inclination), 2, WB-2062 (Width 12mm, have the inclination), 3, WB-2042 (Width

Please note: My expenses for 14th of March appear to be different in your T-statement and M-statement. The difference is 50Yuan. Was the discrepancy in both statements caused by the SQL language? Please advise me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Q: What is the advantage of you, A: study with an open mind, emphasis on teamwork. Say what you please this year's economic form Answer: This is a crisis and opportunity exist for the times, although the difficulties, but as long as learn from it, still

This music instrument takes Temple of Heaven as its trademark, a very famous brand from Old Beijing Folk Music Instrument factory. We exclusively process the radian of instrumental body by using CNC equipments. Critical processes must be

I was transferred by the group in charge of the pre-opening work of Haikou Hotel on Mar,18th,2010.(making the IT budget for the opening of the hotel, guiding the constructiong party to improve the defect of weak current project which is substandard

Hello, I have already filled out the contract, and please confirm it. ( The seller in the contract which is a trading company, because we did not have the ex

Liuzhou city private enterprise production association, factors of production. Liuzhou city private twin Association 电脑翻译

Dear ***,Glad to receive your inquiry.The groove of WB-2043 is 10mm, if you want 12mm groove, then WB-2062 is strongly recommended.The items on the price list that I gave you are all the ones that we have recently. You can also cosider using

Great two great three period participates in my school about Beijing resident 7 big index investigation projects, is responsible for the questionnaire the street visit, data input and following few analysis work, although the work load is big and is

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