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eat watermelon in summer, winter eat vegetables, occasionally eat pickles Fried pork, give me some money.Want money?Watching football.Family is not you don't knowMom, mom

I appreciate everything you've done for me,I'm thankful

Members of the distinguished judges: Nice to meet you!My name is Jiao Liu Qing, from 0713 classes, I was a dual personality of the girls, I love sports and learn the language, I think that was the happiest time for me! Next please let me share with you

My name is XXX . When I was in December 29 , 2016 , made a reservation in your hotel . A scheduled from January 26 , 2017 to January 29 , 2017. Another book from January 30 , 2017 to January 31 , 2017. Now due to schedule change , can't stay . Please help me to cancel the reservation formalities.

I met a stranger on the street that gave me this envelope, let's guess what will be inside?It will be great if it contains a check.Do you think free meal does not exist in this world? No, I don't think so. There was a young person was such a lucky guy. He

Amazon's customer service: hi,The required documents has been sent more than a week ,please reply ASAP.thanks

翻译:I have updated the NSOP result for your reference. So far we have received eight from IQC feedback abnormal products, there is found in the six NSOP exceeds bid, although most have been abandoned before the test, but there is a display

It's the first time to communicate with you in this way since i have been in this company.How time flies! Flash ahead nearly 4 years since I worked here.During the time I have learned a lot. I changed myself from a layman for SAP to a skilled person

We will hold celebration pary on Chirstmas day.We all prepare for it .we will sing.dance and play guitar .that day i will put beautiful clothes and beautiful headdress.to perform our favorate programme.for the happy day .we all are looking forwards to come qucikly

I need the warehouse personnel's help to confirm the Incoming information

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