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It is impossible to recall all the past,but I can assure you that my childhood is a pleasant one to me.When I was in kindergarten,I was very popular with my playmates because

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Have to do :1\get to school on time 2\respect all the teachers 3\show your kind-heart to mustn't sleep in the class.We should speak English on the English class.We should

As the saying goes,”as a country has its state laws, a family also needs family rules.” Every family has its rules. My family rule is no matter where you go, you have to come back before ten o'clock at night. My family always obeys this rule. I know

My family RulesA country its laws and a family has its rules. My family also has some rules.For example ,there are important rules in my house . First of all, I have to be

we shuold not be allowed to go out in the evening.

There some rules in my family. I get up at six o'clock. After school I can't play basketball, I must do my homework. And I am wacth TV at before read a book. After that I am not watch TV , I must study on the computer.译文 有很多规则在我的家 我6点起床 放学后我不能打篮球,我必须写我的作业.在看电视前我必须读书.在那之后我不能看电视.我必须在电脑上学习.

sth 做主语的时候用被动 人做主语用主动 不过人要是被吊死的话 也用被动了

在家不可以说脏话,不可以浪费物资,要尊敬长辈,不可以乱扔垃圾At home, not swearing, not a waste of materials, to respect their elders,Not littering

Our school rules Our school has many rules.We have to dress uniform everyday,we can't eat at library and class,and we can't talk in class,we must finish our homework after school,we should talk in a polite way,we should greet teacher when we meet them.And we must keep the class clean everytime.

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