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翻译句子,6句 英语

翻译: 1. With the old men chat, so that they are pleased2. To help old people to do some living3. Buy some nutrition to the elderly4. And the elderly may encounter difficulties in communication5. Some elderly people will like quiet, do not want to bother us6. The elderly poor mobility,

1.谁能保证他回说话算数?(guarantee)Who can guarantee that he will means what he says?2.你必须学会在适当的时候说适当的话.(right)You have to learn to speak the right thing at the right time.3.如果你弟弟能做这件事,我也能做.(so)If

1.was made up of 2.all want to 3.run out of 4.it make fun of 5.who showing off

1.It is worthwhile to make great efforts to improve the work condition of the workers.2.As a student you should be modest,and you cannot look down upon whoever knows less than you.3.If human beings keep on doing so,we'll soon get involved into

1.He is a careful boy that he does every question carefully 2.Mr Lin looks very happy today 3.Please say more loudly,because I can't hear clearly 4.This is a easy question that he work it out easily 5.This is a difficult work that we must try our best to

1.He couldn't bear the thought of children going hungry2.When I come home when he heard him singing3.When you should tell me4.She left Shanghai ten years ago, since then I haven't seen her5.It is likely that he will agree to the plan6.It is said that he won the first prize in the competition

1 He was more than a week I eat more junk food 2 Poetry twin brothers Tom and Sam, they look the same as 3He believes that as important as the physical and chemical 4 I think that playing video games than playing football stimulus 5 My friend Jim

1. You will know the result after adding up all the numbers. 2. We tried to calm him down, but he is still very excited and shouted loudly. 3. Mary lived in the hospital for a long time and recovered her health. 4. After Li Ming setlled here, he gets along

自己译的 希望能帮助你 O(∩_∩)O~ I feel lucky to get the vacation and meet so many new friends. Why do you want to buy this car? It is neither cheap nor practical. Although salaries are not satisfied, he continued to work for this company. It's hard

1、On the one Shakespeare, his plays (Romeo and Juliet) famous speak) 2 U.S. homeland has never been so strong (Never, as) 3 people consider the star selection monks are tired of the entertainment business because of life (believe) 4 insist

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