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抖音很火的一首英文歌,歌词有 I think i losE myminD

肯定是首望采纳 《myself》

Good Time (美好时光62616964757a686964616fe78988e69d8331333431366265) - Owl City (猫头鹰之城)/Carly Rae Jepsen Lyrics by:Adam Young/Matthew Thiessen/Brian Lee Composed by:Adam Young/Matthew Thiessen/Brian Lee Woah

la la love on my mind 歌手:Ann Winsborn 专辑:La La Love on My Mind CDM One way ticket and of life to live 体验生命的单程票 Pockets full of sunshine 装满阳光的口袋 Lots of love to give 可以奉献许许多多的爱 Longing for your kisses 向往你

应该是这首 Angela Ammons- Big Girl 歌词是 What do you want to be when I grow up A teacher a nurse or a bum I don't need you to judge what I did Stop treating me like a kid If I wanna change my mind without asking you If I wanna take my time

歌手Papa Roach 歌名:Last Resort

justin bieber《baby》引无数歌迷竞折腰

the day is coming, the drums are drumming, if you know one , say a prayer , there's mothers crying, and fathers sighing, uh-huh, war is in the air the trains are filling up with boys who've left behind their favorite toys they're going over there , over there

Cee Lo Green - CrazyI remember when, I rememberI remember when I lost my mindThere was something so pleasant about that placeEven your emotions have an echo in so much spaceAnd when you're out there without careYeah, I was out of

抖音上火了很多英文歌……都曾经霸屏抖音,火过一段时间 像《after the party》(洗茶小姐姐火了好几首),《blow your mind》,《booty music》,《colors》,《despacito》,《dura》,《disco inferno》,《genius》,《gucci prada》,《handclap 》,

good day歌手:the click five 专辑:greetings from imrie house I woke up early in my hotel roomWait for my alarm to goI think about the things I've gotta doDamn my mind is gonna blowI'm thinking out about whats aheadMaybe I'll just stay in

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