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初三英语作文 我的家规

my parents are very strict.because i have so many family rules. for example,i can't go out with my friends at school nights.on weekends, i have to go home before nine p.m. it's strict, but i think it's necessary. and i must finish my homework in time. i

Don't go out alone at nightPlease clean the room every day.Don't throw rubbish everywherePlease do the homework on timeYou mustn't go out without parents' permission.未经父母许可你不可出去.Don't play games too much 希望对你有帮助的.

Iamamiddleschoolstudent.Myparentsareverystrictwithme.Ihavetogetupat6:00a.m.everyday. Ihavetodosportsfourtimesaweek.IamnotallowedtowatchTVorplaycomputergamesonschooldays.Imustgotobedbefore 9:00p.m.What'smore,Ihavetocleantheroomeveryweekendbyhand. Whataterriblelife!

My Family Rules I have many rules in my family,and i hate them very much . I have to get up at 6 o'clock every morning .I must do a lot of exercise every morning .I can't watch TV or go out on school nights .I have to clean my bedroom every day .On

There are rules everywhere, at home and at school. Rules are the things that keep us from going wrong. At school,we have to wear uniforms. We can't use cell phones and we

My Family Rules There are some rules in my family. I have to get up at six o'clock every morning.I have to do homework after school.I can't watch TV and play computer games on school nights. On weekends, i have to clean my room and visit my grandparents.I always very busy.

展开全部I have too many rules in my family. I am not allowed to go out on school nights. I am not allowed to get my ears pierced.I am not allowed to study with my friends.I am not allowed to choose my own clothes.I am not allowed to watch Tv.祝你学习进步

Family Rules家规In order to help me grow healthily,my parents make some family rules.First,we must honest to others.Honesty is the basic character of a person.Second,we should take our responsibilitie

家规嘛,首先最好要以问句开头,比如说“Are you allowed at your house",之后再重复一个这样的句式,只不过把干的事情换一下,这样会给人以新颖的感觉,之后,把你家里几条家规列举出来,注意中间要有连接词,”then"啊“and”什么的,最后结尾可以抱怨一下家规的严格,也可以按照实际情况发泄一下你心中的感受.这样一篇不错的作文就出来了

My House RulesI have too many rules in my house.I have to get up at five o'clock every morning.I have to do my homework after school,because I study for exams.I can't watch TV on school nights,I have

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