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初二英语作文:我的烦恼 怎么写。

As I teenager, my life is fun and stressed at the same time. I not have to deal with the school, but also issues of growing up. However, I also enjoy being a teen, going to school and learning everyday. The ideal happiness for me is a summer vacation

I'm a middle school student. I'm upset these days because of my parents. They pay too much attention to my study. I have to report my test results to them every time. If I get good grades they will be happy and satisfied. But if not they will be worried

My TroubleStudents always have many troubles in their study and life,so do me.let me tell you what my troubles are.first,i study very hard but i still cant get good grades.i think i should ask for advice from my teachers.second,i cant plan my time well.

Most disturbing is that even himself could not accept the temper. Grow up, temper is getting worse. Often, to discuss with parents to discuss or something, when I do not agree with the top Qizui will come when the mother used to say me: "hey!

winter vacation this year, i and my family to nanning. we have reached that, where the air is fresh. nanning is a very beautiful city. in the afternoon, we went to the zoo, zoo animals are very cute, there are many types. secondly, we go to ocean park,

my troubles always was coming out one after the other. such as too much homework or parents remain homework, there . take last sunday, for example! after lunch, i went homework, i just finished writing and want to take a break, can my mother

Dear editor, How's it going?I'm sorry to tell you that I have so much homework to do and I can't do what I want to do.Well,these days,I feel very upset.This is because my parents aren't allow me to watch TV and play computer games.Even sometimes I


I have a good friend.His name is Li Lei.He is tall and thin with a pair of glasses.He is friendly and honest.He is good at PE and English.We often play basketball after school. I love him very much.There is an unforgetble thing whick happened two

The Growing Pains 成长的烦恼When we are little, we are eager to grow up, so that we can break free of parental discipline even leave them far.Since we were a little child, we have to be governed by teachers in school and endure parent's ramble

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