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A: if we live in the next 50 years.B: why do you think so?A: because I am longing for the future, it must be very beautiful.B: but the future is difficult to predict, perhaps it would be very bad.A: I don't think so, I think that science and technology must be

A; Are you the daughter of Lijia's uncle?B: Sure. How should I call you?A: It should be auntie. But I'm not quite sure, it is a bit different in China with Singapore.B: That's ok. When will you go back Singapore?A: Maybe 27th. We will go to the Islands

He is a rare talent, and did not waste the genius, but with a number of times to do better. His professional spirit of their profession, consumers have sincere love and the whole heart into new areas, trying a new breakthrough and repeatedly and

our school's new campus is situated in the southeastern city live, very quiet. the new campus all buildings are new, classrooms, offices and dormitory are very view open, bright. the new campus has enough movement, can undertake all kinds of ball

He, every serious injury after he return to the game, creating a legend of an immortal, a life of love with football, great players of this era. Valentine's Day morning when Ronnie left the message heard, many may have been after 70 River of Sorrow,

: You heard that you have moved to the new house C: yes ah! I love my new home's design! L: I introduced it to the following! C: Yes, my family's house is two-Sanshiliangting. I like the living room of La Dichuang, good lighting, saving electricity

Thank you for your information offered to me. It's great for me to choose such a wonderful express, whose low price I had never heard about! This is why I prefer it.However, I don't have PayPal, so it will take me half a day to turn to my friend for help

Abstract today, along with the microcomputer popularization, makes more and more many people to understand the computer function, as well as took to the convenience which we brought. Especially along with the computer network birth, causes us

United Kingdom, the division of foreign countries, I always look forward. Where the food unique, sometimes relaxed in the sun can also taste the tea, you can enter in the ancient church bells to pray, everything to enjoy. If you have the opportunity I would like to tour the United Kingdom. 欢迎采纳

Hello, sir, you have just pen? I'm pressed for time! The train will leave!Hello, some! Do you want to be long or short!Short, short!What color would you like?With variableOk, what do you want to sign! We haveWith variable, sorry, please hurry up, I'm in a hurry!Which country do you want to produce the pen

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